Products & Services

Investors like you have turned to us for help in reaching their investments goals. Ask us for strategic moves in the market, count on keen performance, solid transactions and high touch or low touch trading. Tells us exactly what you need and we will deliver.

Research & Analytics

At Eternitrade, research remains at the forefront of our business practice, assuring that our Products & Services offer the best returns for our clients. All this designed to keep you up to speed with dynamic companies, new opportunities and industry trends so you know where to invest.


With so many choices in the global markets, individual investors need strong, resourceful sales and trading partners. Our professionals consistently deliver information, guidance and transaction skill to our clients.

Fixed Income Products

Fixed-income portfolio managers need a variety of securities products to achieve results. Through our traditional and electronic trading platforms, we offer clients a broad array of taxable and tax exempt fixed-income products.

Structured Products

Find value in securities under stress. Use our knowledge to bring liquidity to an illiquid market. In this complex category, our credit analyses deliver valuable insights about these securities and their potential volatility. Similarly, our structure analyses identifies the potential challenges and pitfalls of specific securities structures. Our seasoned team will work with you to improve and create financing structures.

Initial Public Offerings

Access to a global remit of IPO and Pre-IPO deals, leveraged through years of quality established relationships with prime book runners. Our experience in this sector has made us an attractive management entity for specialist funds with an IPO investment strategy.